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Support The People's Pickles And Help Us Build Community Through Employment

The People's Pickles is Community Outreach Service Center, www.COSCdenver.org, community-driven social enterprise, that provides job training and transitional employment for marginalized individuals in the Denver Metro area. 

Since 2019, The People's Pickles has made the BEST PICKLES in Denver while helping men and women rebuilding their lives through transitional employment to permanent employment opportunities for returning and marginalized citizens across the Denver Metro area looking for gainful employment.

AT The People's Pickles


Workforce Readiness Workshop

Digital Literacy Training

Paid Transitional Work Experience

Forklift Training and Certification

Direct Employment Leads/Placement

Peer Mentoring/Case Management 

Call 303-295-6180 to sign up and for more information.

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Denver Channel 4 NEW – THE FEED June 2020

2021 Juneteenth Dream Big Award present by City of Denver – June 2021

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Denver Channel 7 News – People’s Pickles Story – May 2022

KGNU Community Radio – COSC INTERVIEW June 2022: The People’s Pickles Team sat down for an interview withDave Ashton, Denver Program Manager,
KGNU Community Radio on KGNU’s Metro Show on 6/28/2022.

The People's Pickles is giving people second chances one dill at a time - August 30, 2022




The People’s Pickles and the Community Outreach Service Center recently won the sought after 2021 DELOITTE COMMUNITY FUND Innovation Competition!!

The People’s Pickles OFFICIALLY made the announcement public on the Kathie J Show at  the Channel 7 studios on live TV during a cooking demo!!

Watch here: https://kathiejshow.com/shows/

COSC will partner with Brother Jeff Fard of Brother Jeff’s Cultural Center, Shay Johnson of CTN Media, Work Options, PC’s for People’s, local business and community leaders to make sure we welcome back our returning citizens the right way.

Because more than 60 % of those released from prison system return within three years.
Because 73% of the recidivist committed a new crime or violated parole within the first year.
Because Over 60 % are African American and Hispanic male and female lack of options upon return to the streets due to barriers to employment.

Sadly, 7 out of 10 will recidivate in less than 2 years due to lack of opportunities, resources, and community.

The missions of both The People’s Pickles, the COSC and organizations on the projectare dedicated to creating better, stronger communities and helping those in need. – through the collaboration between the two organizations we can effectively reduce the rate of recidivism, moving citizens from dependency to healthy self-sufficiency.

We are going to put our first group through early next year and we will receive help managing program from Deloitte and $7,500 to start the program. The exposure, the support we will receive and the financial backing will help grow and surpass our expectations. So thankful.

Thank you METRO CARING MINI GRANT for the $2,500.00 Award March 2022

Stay updated, to volunteer or to donate
Click www.COSCdenver.org

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Check out The People’s Pickles at the Mile High Flea Market every Saturday during the summer.
Come meet The People’s Pickles team and grab a Pint, Quart and/or our famous HOT HOT Gallon!!
Mile High Flea Market
7007 East 88th
Henderson, CO 80640

Always in the Farmer's Market Section


We LOVE Ujamaa Market Saturday at Brother Jeff’s Cultural Center, WHERE COMMUNITY MEETS!
Call: 720-939-2811
Stop by:
Select Saturday's Ujamaa Market @
Brother Jeff Cultural Center -
28/Welton St.
12 - 5

WE ARE LOCATED @ Community Outreach Service Center

2515 California Street

Denver, Colorado 80205

Monday - Friday 10a - 4p
Call to place order then swing by to see us!!

(303) 295 - 6180


Where it all started, and where we are at.

The People's Pickles is giving people second chances one dill at a time - August 30, 2022



Raymond Johnson holds a jar of People's Pickles in the company's Five Points headquarters.



The People's Pickles was once a project I had circulating in my head, I had been kicking around for  years to help Denver-area marginalized citizens receive transitional employment while training in order to obtain a permanent job placement or start their own business by selling product that people would like and support the mission of the company to help the greater good.

I was working in the jails and saw the need for transitional employment to ease the transition after incarcearation was the goal and mentor to avoid another disruption in the family or loss of freedom.

Since 2019, I have personally trained, mentored and employed some incredible individuals then placed people into permanent jobs, that offer $18 - $25 an hours while offering hope, a true welcome home and a brighter future. One pickle at a time.

Our Saint Louis born family pickle recipe has won acclaim, and has become a popular brand across the Denver metro area and soon the region as we are partnering with Safeway/Albertson to be on the shelves by the Spring of 2023 then across the country.

The People's Pickles are based here in Denver, Colorado and made in a commercial kitchen in the Five Points Community.

To the People's Pickle Posse - THANK YOU for the support, and it's not cliche for us, but this is not possible if people were not part of the Pickle Posse which funds our business. We have a loyal pickle living base, people who support our mission, people liking our FB/Instagram page, a huge word of mouth following, 9NEWS, Channel 7 Denver, Westword, media outlets and great vendors who believe in our mission plus working with people who want better making a great product.

I am proud of the work we are doing each day, the lives we have changed and will continue to change. The People's Pickles wil always make quality, delicious homemade pickles for years to come and continue to grow.

Many Blessings,
Ashley and Marcus Weaver, Founders/Program Manager

Raymond Johnson, Assistant Program Manager


The People's Pickles is giving people second chances one dill at a time - Denverite, the Denver site!



Read about us in The Westword!

The People's Pickles is giving people second chances one dill at a time - Denverite, the Denver site!


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