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Making a Difference, One Pickle at a Time

We do more than make great pickles – we’re a social enterprise that changes the lives of marginalized individuals. We provide job skills, work opportunities, and help with finding long-term employment for those who need a fresh start. Our goal is to empower individuals, one pickle jar at a time.

We’re The People’s Pickles

We believe in more than just making great pickles; we’re committed to real, positive change. Every jar represents a story of empowerment and progress. Our work is about offering opportunities for growth and success, one pickle – and one person – at a time.

Our History

The business was started by entrepreneur Marcus Weaver. Early in his life Marcus made some bad decisions that resulted in his being incarcerated. When he came out of the system, he had little opportunity and a lack of resources to get on his feet. He was able to get a job working at a homeless shelter Downtown Denver. There he saw many individuals much like himself. That is when he started collecting resources for employment, clothing and supportive services for the 175 men living in the facility where he worked.

Sadly, Marcus kept seeing men and women fall back into addiction and he saw their fear when trying to get jobs because they had to talk about their backgrounds. He also saw they had little to no computer skills and little training opportunities.

His clients would get frustrated and turn back to the streets. That is when Marcus decided to start his own business to provide transitional employment to some of his clients, The People’s Pickles. As he grew his company, he gave marginalized community members the opportunity to work. Over the past four years the business has provided training in skills needed by the business, including production, marketing, computer skills, and more. And with Marcus’ skills as a social worker, he has helped his workers with connections to other job training programs, assistance in funding permanent housing, and assistance in finding permanent job placement. Through his company, Marcus grew personally and helped the greater good.

Through The People’s Pickles, Marcus has worked with individuals in and out of the criminal justice system, people getting out of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, low-income senior citizens, and vulnerable youth 18 -24. Since 2019, People’s Pickles has trained, mentored and employed over 100 individuals and helped many find resources and permanent jobs. Our transitional employment, training, and connection to more resources offer hope, a truly welcome space, and a brighter future. One pickle at a time.

More about our Founder, Marcus Weaver

Marcus Weaver is a Survivor, Community Leader, Business Owner, who has received various National, State, and Local awards in recognition of his 15 years of outstanding work with marginalized populations and community development.

Marcus serves as the Program Director of the Community Outreach Service Center,, are people working together for a better community and since 1988 have proudly served the homeless, returning, and marginalized citizens in the Denver Metro Area with employment, housing, peer support, basic needs, and community wealth building to build a better community. Marcus’s passion is building true pathways for people experiencing homelessness, incarceration, and returning citizens to succeed and become self-sufficient. Over the years, Marcus has created a curriculum that connects his past trials and tribulations to the struggles of today.

Marcus is also an advocate against gun violence as a survivor of the Aurora Theater Shooting in 2012. He has testified at the state legislature, done dozens of interviews with organizations and the media, and continues to be a voice for those who suffer from gun violence. He is a national keynote speaker and the author of the bestselling book, “Chosen to Forgive,” about his journey before and after the Aurora Theater Shooting.

Most recently Marcus has started Lower the Barrier, a non-profit organization to provide job training and help provide transitional employment opportunities for marginalized individuals in the Denver Metro area. The People’s Pickles is a social enterprise that is now part of Lower the Barrier to provide workforce opportunities. Repeatedly, Marcus finds ways to help those rebuilding their lives through employment and mentoring.

Join Our Journey

Every pickle jar from The People’s Pickles carries a story of hope, hard work, and community. By choosing our pickles, you’re not just enjoying a delicious product; you’re supporting a cause that changes lives and builds a stronger community. Join us in celebrating our achievements and be a part of our journey to create a brighter future, one pickle at a time.

Interested in learning more about supporting our mission or placing an order? Give us a call at 720-939-2811 or email

Together, we can make a difference.

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